Gmac Auto Loans Customer Service Number

I have been calling gmac for over a month at 1 - 800 - 200 - 4622. The owner of the truck said the lien has been satified yet gmac will not send lien release that it has been satified or not. I feel that if dmv allows liens on vehicles then they should govern these lien releases and handled in a timely fashion. Coon's supply inc. Has been trying to get this cleared up but is getting nowhere either. If there's anything i can do please let me know. I need all the help i can get to get this cleared up. Thank you very much. Gmac called my employer about a loan problem. They left a number to call 1 800 551 5377 ext 73529. I called and talked to a lady who said there is no ext with that number. I gave her my name and she found the file but couldn't pull it up??? She wanted my ssn and wouldn't do anything without it. constant calls to talk with their mortgage holder, who isn't me. refusal to remove my number and stop calling, despite being on the registered do not call list. Do not use them folks, they will have fake late payments. It will go on your credit and you have to call and write them letters to correct the problem. They are bad news. I am a homeowner with $250, 000 equity. We held a home equity through GMAC. We got a letter the other day stating that our home equity is suspended. We have a excellent credit score and have never never been late. I called them and they asked me do you know what the economy is like? We are suspended every home equity loan. BEWARE this company sucks!!! Pull out now and never let them finance your home. Do you have the customer service info? My husband just found out that a car he paid of 20 years ago still hasn't had the lien released! We now want to donate the car to Salvation Army and get it off our hands, but we cannot without the title. What a nightmare. We dont even know who to call because it's been so long. Can you post the customer service address and phone number? Thanks. I have a 2000 vehicle that has been paid for for approximately 4 years and have never received the lien release from GMAC. I cannot get a copy of the title without it. TConroy. I gmac auto loans customer service number purchased a new saturn on 8/10/09 at Saturn of Plymouth the vehicle had 249 miles on it at time of purchased. On 0819/09 with 549 miles on the vehicle it is sitting at the dealership with a blown head casket. I did want this car I feel the dealership should replace this vehicle and send the original to gmac to determine why a car with 549 miles blows a headcasket. I am current on my mortgage and pay at least 2-3 weeks in advance every month. Last January (1/2010) I was laid off and immediately contacted GMAC Mortgage to let them know of my hardship. They asked me if I could borrow money from family! I managed to stay afloat for a little while but slowly became more and more behind. I contacted GMAC again asking about perhaps a load remodification or -something- to handle my hardship until I could get back on my feet. I turned in the small book that was the application and waited to hear back. I called them after 5 days and was told it took 7-10. After day 7 I called every day until finally 2 weeks later I was informed my application was declined because I did not have enough income. Seriously? I was pretty much being set up for forclosure except that I landed a new job. I contacted their company and set up a repayment plan. I asked them "Will this plan make it so that as of August 1st I am current 100%?" I was told 'Yes'. I was also informed that they would continue to report I was delinquent to the credit bureaus AND I would continue to assess late charges. I was fine with this so long as by August I was current again and had everything back on strait.I was paying nearly double my old mortgage payment to catch back up. I was eating PB&J every day for nearly 6 months straight and come August I was ready to celebrate. I make my final "huge" payment and come around for the September bill it's still high. I call them up and was informed that it was because all the "Late fees" that were assessed during my repayment plan were then applied to my next bill. This was the first I was informed that would be the case. Outraged and angry there's nothing I could do, GMAC owns my soul.Here it is February, 2011. I have been current on my mortgage since September. I applied every extra penny I had to make sure I was not only on-time with my mortgage but I flat out pay early. This month I get a bill that has a $147 in misc "other" charges with no explination. I call them up and was informed that whenever you pay over 45 days late they tack on an Inspection Charge. Why weren't these charges assessed when I was actually late? Why did they wait another YEAR before assessing these charges? It sounds like a major scam to me.I am at the point where I have to call GMAC every month to dispute or get further explination of one thing or another. I rarely have a statement that is plain and simple "P&I, Escrow, Your Amount Due: BLAH". There's always some miscellaneous fee that they usually take off after I point it out and demand an explination.This is the worst organization I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I just want to pay my damn mortgage without having to call them every single month. As soon as I am able to refinance I am going to do so and make sure I go through a bank that will not sell my mortgage to GMAC. I think it should be illegal to sell your mortgage without at least the homeowner's consent!. All i want is to fix our mistakes and your custmore service people don't care all it is is a job well here you have custmores who care and want to get help all they do is say to bad.i would like a manager to call me our email me they say they don't talk to ustmores if it wasn't for us they would not have jobs. I’ve been waiting 4 months to get a respond every time I call there is a different answer.Now they are mailing me new forms that already been sent. They said since Obama is president things had chaged. I don’t understand. NACA sent them my package. I feel your pain. I paid my car off in August 2005 one year after I purchased it. I am still waiting for a lien release from GMAC and the title for my car. What does one need to do to get GMAC to do their job correctly?? GMAC needs to seriously look at their internal procedures for processing lien releases. An audit performed by an independent contractor would be a good start. Then finish up with acting upon the audit findings and make the necessary changes and lets not forget the QAQC (quality assurance/quality check). And send me my lien release. Jacking ecrow payment up, too make house payment higher. I Have pay the amount they ask but the payment going up need help please. I sent them the money they take some out and sent the rest back. Please get back with soon as possible before I can not afford to pay them. I'm trying to find a phone number to call to get a lein release for a car I purchased in 2003. the 1-800- 200 4622 number is not good for me as my account has been closed and my loan paid off for 7 years. I need a letter from GMAC / Ally Financial connection and lein release letter to get a new title to sell my car. HELP!!!.